Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Artists Posing

Here we are in the cafe of SFMoMA in early November looking rather serious. Photo is by Hylla Evans
Chris, though we've been e-mail regularly and blogging sporadically, you and I have met in person exactly three times. The first was in Philly at Gallery Siano in 2005 before we began our blog--and, indeed, that meeting was probably the catalyst for it (you had work in Vince Romaniello's show). The second was last November when I was in San Francisco, and the third was earlier this month, also in San Francisco, when you talked about writing/blogging/art to a group of artists from up and down the West Coast that I'd taken on a gallery tour earlier in the day.
We are, virtual buddies in Cyberspace, but I like to think that in real life we have become actual friends. Good to see you again!
I'm heading into a heavy period of travel and writing. I leave for Miami on December 5 to spend five days looking, photographing and taking notes. When I return I'll do another opus on the fairs, though with 24 venues at last count, I'm going to have to do some serious picking and choosing. I think two fairs a day will be my limit. I'll post the lead-ins here, with links to my blog, where you'll find the full text.

For our art bloggers reading this, I've co-organized (with Sharon Butler of Two Coats of Paint) Art Blogger Miami Beach, an opportunity to meet up in real time and space. There's no agenda other than to put names and faces together and talk a little shop. We're meeting in the lobby of Flow Fair on Friday morning, December 7, from 10:00 to 11:00. I'll take pictures and post a brief report, and if all goes well, who know, maybe we'll have a little conference in March during the Armory Fair in New York.

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